What To Expect


Orientation Level:

During this level of the program (the first 4 weeks), our clients are in a blackout period where they are not allowed have any outside contact. This includes but not limited to; phone calls, on/off campus visits, and they also are not allowed to send or receive mail (mail will be held until they complete 30 day blackout).  Also, class attendance is required five days per week in order to qualify for promotion to the next level. During this level our clients will study subjects such as Celebrate Recovery, an Overview of the Bible, Stress Reduction, Time Management and How to Give your Testimony. The main purpose of this phase is to teach each client how to cultivate a solid foundation in Christ as well as empower each individual to move forward in life as well as imparting new life skills from a biblical perspective. (***Orientation Level is part of Level One***)


Level One:

This level of the program has a minimum of twelve weeks. During this level clients will start the work therapy portion of the program. This is designed to help them learn the benefits of showing up own time for their assignment as well as creating order and structure into their lives. Clients will also learn scripture memorization and increase their knowledge of the Bible. Individuals will learn to balance study, work therapy and personal time during this level. This is the level where clients begin learning new and healthy habits. Privileges on this level are on campus weekend visitation with approved family only.


Level Two:

This level also has a minimum of twelve weeks.  It is during this level that clients should start seeing changes in their life due to bible reading and application of the character traits and other curriculum they are studying. This will begin to show itself in their daily activities of the program. Privileges on this level are same as Level One as well as a once-a-month off campus pass for 3 hours with approved family.


Level Three:

This level also has a minimum of twelve weeks. In this level clients should be able to live a life of routine on a daily basis. Individuals will have a better grasp of obedience to God and Leadership as well as knowledge of starting to see old patterns in life and how to move past them with application of what they have learned so far. This is also the level where they begin to grow and notice that life is not so easy any more. Challenges and opportunities for growth will be a new challenge to overcome in their growth process. Privileges on this level are same as Level Two as well as a once-a-month off campus pass for 5 hours with approved family, opening of a savings account in which THP will deposit funds into monthly depending on client performance and work habits. (These funds will only be distributed to the client upon completion of the program).


Level Four:

This is the final level and also has a minimum of twelve weeks. Clients should have a deeper knowledge of the Bible and application to their daily life. It is our hope that each individual will further their growth and freedom in areas of weaknesses and any strongholds that may still exist in their lives. It is during this level that most of their growth will come. There will be less supervision and more personal accountability in order to prepare them for life. Some of their greatest challenges and opportunity for growth will come during this level as they put into practice what they have learned thus far in the program. Worknet and finance classes will be taught. Client will be assigned a Case manager who will be available to help individuals determine what their next steps will be. Privileges on this level are the same as Level Three and a Day pass (9am-9pm) with approved family.


Note: For Levels 1 through 4, privileges are, but not limited to; phone calls, on or off campus visitations, overnight & weekend passes. Privileges will be determined based on each client’s progression of each level.