Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is there a cost for the Discipleship Program?


A. We do charge clients a minimum fee of $225 to enroll in our discipleship program. For those that have no support and no income we depend on support from individuals, businesses and foundations to cover the costs.


Q. What do you do in a typical day?


A. Work therapy, classes and Bibles studies are just a few of the activities we do in a typical day. You can read a more detailed description of a typical day here.


Q. Where do people go after they graduate?


A. We work with each individual to achieve their goals. Some decide to go back to school and train for a new career. Others move on, find work and get on with living in their new found freedom. And there are others who decide to apply for and work with our Program.


Q. Do clients have to be Christian to enroll?


A. We welcome people from all backgrounds into our Discipleship Program, so long as they are willing to give Jesus a try! As clients study the Bible, pray each day and open their hearts to truth, we know God is going to change their lives.


Q. Is this a drug and alcohol recovery program?


A. We are not state licensed as a recovery program, however many of our clients are overcoming addiction and other life-controlling issues. Jesus restores lives here regardless of what we call it.


Q. How can I get a loved one to enroll?


A. People need to decide for themselves that they are ready for change. You can tell your loved one about our program and express your support and love for them. Tell them you have confidence they would do well. When they are ready, they will know this is the place to go.


Q. Is there a waiting list?


A. Unfortunately, our program is filled to capacity most of the time. However, God has a way to find a place for those who truly desire a changed life. We are confident that, after you submit your application, God will make a place for you here at just the right time!


Q: Can I take medication while in the program?


A. We are not a licensed facility to administer narcotics or psychotropic medication. Only pre-approved medication is allowed.  Please check with our intake department for for more information.